Representin from the Upper West / Money making puttin me to the test

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


I know so much stuff.
I am very insightful.
Have you read my blog?

Look at my laptop!
Ever see one so tiny?
It's from Korea!

Dear Talking Gunner,
I don't have time to listen ,
but still you prattle.

Silly girl in front ,
Why do you keep talking so?
Please be quiet now.

Instant messenger
makes class time tolerable.
Why pay attention?

Another day ends
at Columbia Law School.
Time to smoke some crack.

What's more addictive?
Mario Kart: Double Dash
only for Gamecube.

Then it's time to watch
the Paris Hilton sex tape
she's a spoiled slut.

Dropping out of school
shouldn't be that big a deal.
New job - prostitute.

I hear it pays well
if you don't mind getting fucked.
Same as legal work.