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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Bush Fan #50

Nothing to apologize for here, it's not my fault I was born ugly! (but being fat is your fault, now that I think about it)

Anyway, THIS is what I want for Christmas!
How fucking dope is that shirt? I'd be the coolest hipster in Manhattan! You cannot expect me to believe that there are actually people in Alabama that would wear that shit sincerely - I bet every person that buys that shirt gets it as a gag gift or wears it ironically.

Please, crazy internet fans, buy me that for Xmas and I'll give you my "Lick Bush in 2004" shirt in return.

Imagine you pick up a girl, things are going really well, and when you unzip her pants you find THIS! What would you do? Would that really freak you out? Would you be able to get it up while looking at the smirking chimp wearing Santa's hat and grinning like a retard?