Representin from the Upper West / Money making puttin me to the test

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Bush Fan #42 tell me...when you use your printer not to print but to prop up a hand-written note and then take a picture of that with your digital camera... is that clever irony? A+., it's just another example of absolute stupidity, like voting for Bush or, say, speaking for the thousands of 9/11 dead and claiming they're happy Bush is in office. That's not funny-retarded like Corky, that's offensive-retarded like George W. Bush. I guess here I should argue that NYC is about as anti-Bush as you can get, that the 9/11 widows have to fight the Bush administration tooth and nail to get them to allow any 9/11 investigation or release any of their findings*, or that Bush let 9/11 happen in the first place. What's the use. Fuck it. F.
Why did both Bush and Cheney ask Tom Daschle to restrict investigation into the attacks? Why did they both refuse to testify to the 9-11 Omission under oath?