Representin from the Upper West / Money making puttin me to the test

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Rap lyrics that make me think of Columbia Law School:

representing from the upper west
money makin’ putting me to the test
sometimes I feel as though I’ve been blessed
because I’m doing what I want
so I never rest
-Root Down* (Beastie Boys)

Hey yo straight from the Harlem streets
I don't play, I push it down with the Harlem Heat
-Bad Boy for Life (Puff Daddy)

we number one gunners
no we ain't stunners
It's real with us partna,
dealers and drug runners
-Gansta Nation (Westside Connection)

Competitors are slain by this intelligent gunner -
Quick to pop the trunk like an elephant hunter
-Won’t Stop (Copywrite)

*bonus Root Down lyrics:
Every morning I took the train to high street station
Doing homework on the train,
what a fucked up situation
On the way back up hearing battle tapes
Through the underground, underneath the sky scrapes

Saturday, September 04, 2004